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What is special about Sunshine Villas – “Smart Villas” of Sunshine Group

Apart from prime location and interior from world-leading brand, the collection of smart villas of Sunshine stands out by its underground traffic system along with exclusive appliances. With the upcoming eco smart villas in the city center, Sunshine Group is expected to bring new signals to Vietnam real estate market

The first eco urban area in Hanoi to have underground traffic system

Being known as the “giant” that is constantly expanding its land bank in the most beautiful locations in the city, Sunshine Group also cherishes a strategy to restructure the super luxury real estate market (real estate) by its differences and outstanding compared to other investors in the market.

In the collection of upcoming eco villa project in city center, Sunshine Group draws attention by constructing the first urban area in Hanoi to have underground traffic system.

With underground traffic system and many other ultimate utilities, a series of Sunshine Villas will be a focal point of the market.

According to the latest disclosure, Sunshine Group will invest largely and develop the first and most modern underground traffic area in the Capital, including private garage system for each villa, directly connected to the traffic of the area. The convenience of class elevation is increased when the owner only takes a few minutes to open the door of the car, taking few steps to be at home to enjoy the relaxation.

All vehicles are arranged completely under the ground, returning the interior landscape area above the absolute tranquility and freshness of a green nature area so as to eparate from smoke, noise and bring true enjoyment to worthy owners.

Sunshine Villas and bold highlight of high-class Smart Villas

At the International Real Estate Conference (IREC) 2018, a representative of Sunshine Group shared: “In the current bustling real estate environment in Vietnam, moving themselves and adapt to avoid being lagging behind the digital race are the key to determining the success of every business.”

Sunshine Group is one of the few real estate investors in Vietnam to catch up with the “Internet of Things” trend of the world.

In particular, the chain of eco-villas in the inner city of Sunshine Villas is developed on the basis of a smart villa with the most modern technologies such as multicolor lighting systems, FaceID security technology, Smart sensor system controlling electronic devices, infrared, SmartHome applications, electronic wallets, etc. All are aimed at equipping homeowners with a technology and trendy living environment, catching up. The trend of “Internet of Thing” is causing global storms.

Technological villa of a billionaire Bill Gates is the inspriration for many other smart villas of Sunshine Villa’s product line.

Interior from famous brands of Italy

Leading the trend of Urban Retreat Villas, Sunshine Villas will be a powerful blend of high-class natural woods such as sandalwood, ironwood … with high-quality fabric and leather of interiors. With groundbreaking thinking and meticulous hands of Italian architects who are the cradle of luxury furniture, each Sunshine Villas is an elegant musical note full of identity, rising to the middle of the village. The academic and luxurious spectrum is extraordinarily sophisticated.

“The interior of Sunshine Villas is not simply a piece of furniture, but also a world of accompanying art, in which the smallest details are paid attention to.”

Sunshine Group representative said: “We care about the factors of habbit, psychology, to the most delicate feelings of the owner, combined with the world’s leading trends to advise and sketch the unique interior concepts. In addition, with the special supply of small-sized properties, the luxury furniture collections provided by Sunshine always have a much more reasonable price than when the homeowners buy and design by themselves.”

As a result, as soon as the policy of handing over “full furniture” of Sunshine Villas was revealed in the market. It immediately caused curiosity and great expectations of the market, when Sunshine Group for a long time still has a reputation as a strong investor with golden details, even for the Sunshine Apartment line (luxury apartments, luxury apartments).

In particular, with a diverse area of 200 – 400 m2 (each with a private pool design), customers can freely choose the appropriate villas for themselves with a system of utilities – excellent services “all in one”, 24/7 service. Especially, the 7-star exclusive services “One Villas – One Service” like providing super cars with private drivers; steward service, private service … will give homeowners the absolute enjoyment of the upper class, super rich.

Sunshine Villas is the resort villa collection in the city center developed by Sunshine Group

Along with that, top-class internal facilities such as the first international school in Hanoi, the underground ice rink, the cinema complex with the most modern digital entertainment in Vietnam, Commercial center, 18-hole golf course … are the indispensable imprints, as introducing a brand name of Sunshine Villas on the luxury real estate market.

For those who would like to focus on business, Shophouse system will satisfy them by unique design, multiple features, ability to run a business as well as lease.

Sunshine Villas is a collection of eco-urban resort villas, developed by Sunshine Group – the Group is currently very successful with a series of real estate projects in 4 strategic product lines: Sunshine Apartment (luxury apartments. ), Sunshine Villas (low-rise villas), Sunshine Sky Villas, Sunshine Marina (multi-experience resorts under the Integrated Resort complex model).

For further information about Sunshine Villas product line, please access:

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/villassunshine/

Hotline: 18006735

Email: villas@sunshinemail.vn


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