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Technology villa Highlights of Sunshine Wonder Villas

"The elite can own many houses, but only one shows who they are."

Technology villa
Sunshine Wonder Villas’ highlights
Sunshine Villas is the first 6-star eco-villa in Hanoi developed by Sunshine Group on the basis of a smart villa and simultaneously integrated exclusive utilities and services, all of which are drawn from the quintessence of villas in the World.
Sunshine Wonder Villas
Upstream symbol

Overcoming the ordinary limits and becoming a “rendezvous of luxury dreams”, Sunshine Villas pioneered creating new values ​​with high-end positioning.

Converging the quintessence of the past with the creativity for the future to create peak and high-class values.

Sunshine wonder villas
Sunshine wonder villas
Dominant position - Prestige worth
Located in the golden land of Western West Lake, Sunshine Wonder Villas, the exclusive urban area for the superrich in Hanoi, possesses all the natural advantages of river, center and road proximity.
Luxury furniture - Exclusive value

Each interior product of Sunshine Villas is like a true work of art which is extremely delicate. Their luxury lies in not only the surfaces covered with gold or rare gemstones, but also thoroughly elaborate small details, showing the high-class homeowners’ elegance.

5 * ++ standard utility

In addition to the diverse and expensive utility system inherited from the Sunshine Group project in the region, Sunshine Wonder Villas also has other outstanding utilities and busy commercial streets, which raises the value of the whole area.