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Admiring the technology villa with Mediterranean architecture Sunshine Wonder Villas

On the symphonic background, amidst sunshine and wind, delicate and charming constructions with high arches and lavender garden … the images that seem to be only seen in films about royal life are now displayed at Sunshine Wonder Villas – a collection of technology villas with Mediterranean style – a place to write a legend of relaxation right in the heart of Hanoi.

Intense vitality of Mediterranean architectural style 

Sunshine Wonder Villas – the most peaceful place with a true impression of the Mediterranean in the heart of Hanoi’s most livable land.

The Mediterranean is a combination of different architectural styles such as Spanish architecture during the Renaissance and colonial times, Arab architecture, Gothic architecture, Beaux-Arts architecture …

Compared to other architectural styles, Mediterranean architecture buildings possess a large garden (which is the premise for modern villa buildings today) combined with a large patio and surrounded by corridors, bringing outdoor living space is both quiet and private.

Appearing from the 19th century, the Mediterranean style has been well received throughout the world and has been thoroughly applied to coastal resorts (especially in California and Florida). Since then, this style has been promoted in many architectural works …

Prominent among these significant projects with this style is Sunshine Wonder Villas – a masterpiece of Sunshine Group, located in the heart of the most livable land of Hanoi – Nam Thang Long urban area ( Ciputra, Hanoi).

The luxurious and classy Sunshine Wonder Villas are located majestically amidst an endless stretch of green.

The Mediterranean imprint at the Sunshine Wonder Villas

With a Mediterranean style, Sunshine Wonder Villas with a large area for green, clean living space is developed on the basis of a smart villa, while developing more exclusive utilities and services is an affirmation of the royal family’s sophisticated class and quality of life.

The Mediterranean imprint at Sunshine Wonder Villas is reflected in each architectural line, building materials to every detail as well as color combination formula  … The main facade is quite large and is built symmetrically, domes are built airily and widely… and also designed its own motifs with bold colors, sunshine and wind of the Mediterranean sea.

With modern and sophisticated design, each eco-villa here owns an airy space and is located majestically in an endless green region …. to become the place to enjoy and experience the leading values of a civilized and high-class community.

Sunshine Wonder Villas is also the affirmation for the classy and sophisticated royal living of the noble owners.

Not only care about the design, the interior of each villa is also carefully selected from famous brands in the world. Accordingly, Sunshine Wonder Villas is a powerful blend of high-class natural woods such as sandalwood, ironwood … with high-quality fabric and leather of loose furniture.

In addition, the use of tones: lavender (lavender), olive green, terracotta terra, blue of the sky and the sea, … Mediterranean style Sunshine Wonder Villas brings clarity and natural color to each villa.

In addition to the Mediterranean imprint, the elements that have a good sense of feng shui of the Orientals such as the direction of the house, the setback, the landscape are also paid attention by the Sunshine’s architects to optimize space in contact with nature..

Along with that, the top-class internal utilities such as central square, green park, modern underground transportation system, royal inter-level school, … are also focused on development.

In particular, with a wide view opening to the expensive Ciputra golf course, residents of Sunshine Wonder Villas enjoy the huge green space system from the water and golf grass. This is something that not every project can have.

In addition, in order to bring a high-quality and fulfilling life experience, Sunshine Wonder Villas is calculated and designed to cater to the upper class. System of self-contained “all in one” and special services “One Villas – One Service” 7 stars like providing super-luxury cars with private drivers; butler service, private service … will give homeowners the absolute enjoyment of the super rich. In addition, security and isolation are the top values ​​of the Investor’s interest.

Along with the absolute competitive advantage of technology of Sunshine Group, at Sunshine Wonder Villas, pioneering smart villas with Smart Homes model attached to Smart Living ecosystem researched and developed by this Group, it certainly will not upset the honored guests.

Therefore, nothing is too much to say that Sunshine Wonder Villas is the legendary resort in the heart of Hanoi. And on the coming November 16 , the event “Crown of the sky” is to introduce the first project in Sunshine Villas series of Sunshine Group, domestic customers and investors shall have opportunity to know the outstanding value that this eco-urban villas offers.

It is known that at the event, customers will receive immediately iphone 11 pro max and have the opportunity to draw prizes with many attractive gifts. The total value of gifts is up to 1 billion.

Sunshine Wonder Villas Project Introduction Ceremony – “Crown of the sky”

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm November 16, 2019

Venue: The M Floor of Sunshine Center Building, 16A Pham Hung, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Website: http://villas.sunshinegroup.vn/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sswondervillas/

Hotline: 18006735

For detailed information and receiving tickets, please contact the official distributor:

Tan Long Land, Cen Land, AV Land, An Binh Land


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