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Booming event of Sunshine Group on training sales at 2 super luxury projects in Hanoi

The number of sales who participate in this event is beyond the expectation. Specialized information of two projects are delivered with the spirit of warrior are highlights of booming event of Sunshine on training sales at 2 super luxury projects in Hanoi

This event attracts thousands of sales

Kick Off – Education, introducing Sunshine Wonder Villas & Sunshine Crystal River is held meticulously at Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark (Pham Hung, My Dinh, Hanoi) with the present of many famous distributors, agents, such as: Korea Real Estate, Savills, Cenland, Trinh Anh, Starlandlink, Tan Long, Vietnamland…

In particular, the presence of more than 1,000 enthusiastic sales in the North has awaked the program, bringing an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and passion, devoted to the “real estate season” at the end of the year.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Do Thi Hong Nhung – General Director of Sunshine Housing, representing the Sunshine Group investor, said: “to raise the level of living standards”, before that, Sunshine Group had built new urban areas of high-class Sunshine Apartment line in the expensive locations of the Capital, and to “Sublimate the upscale lifestyle”, Sunshine group continues to create lavish Sunshine Villas eco-luxury with the touch of Mediterranean villas or Sunshine Sky Villas leading the trend of modern architecture of the World.

Ms. Do Thi Hong Nhung extend her thank to sales warrior who has been along with Sunshine Group.

Ms. Nhung also emphasized that although inspired by luxurious living, Sunshine Group’s luxury real estate collection still preserves the traditional beauty of Asians, creating a private living space, luxurious, modern, but not separate, still keeping the family value. It is not only suitable for Vietnamese but also meets the standards of Korean and Singaporean customers.

In addition, Sunshine is also aimed at young, successful customers in order to meet the international economic trend of integration from modern east-west cultures.

“Bringing new and different things to the market, Sunshine Group expects that these two new luxury projects will be the right choice, wise choice of sotisphicate investors as well as worthy owners”said Nhung.

Sunshine Group restructures super luxury real estate market

Being a big real estate group and agile in grasping new trend, Sunshine Group know that Vietnam is potential market for a million USD apartment in city center. Market research organizations’ evaluation shows that Vietnam is the country with the fastest increase in number of rich people with over 14.000 USD millionaire and it is estimated that by 2026, the number will have been increasing, surpassing 38.000 people

This is the perfect time for Sunshine Group to turn to investing in super-premium product lines, in order to meet the great needs of the new upper class – those who have economic conditions, appreciate their values and tend to enjoy the quintessential features in every aspect of life.

The Kick Off ceremony is solemnly held in the presence of the entire sales team

Soobin Hoang Son Singer contributes to the exciting atmosphere with hit songs

Kick Off ceremony introducing Sunshine Wonder Villas and Sunshine Crystal River is the oppoturnity for Sunshine Group to start and bring interesting experience of first typical projects for 2 super luxury product lines: Sunshine Villas and Sunshine Sky Villas.

Sunshine Wonder Villas was born with the expectation of becoming choices of modern customers who are leading and always pioneering new trends.

Sunshine Wonder Villas, reprentative of Sunshine Villas, is developed based on smart mansion platform. It also develops exclusive services and utilities which is symbol of Royal lifestyle, gather point of wisdom, high-class, elegance and unique values.

If Sunshine Wonder Villas is privately luxury with reputation bespoke interior, Sunshine Crystal River – reprensentative of Sunshine Sky Villas – is high-class villa offering a unlimited relaxing experience with exclusive view and privacy.

By providing detail information about project’s scale as well as advantages…Sunshine has provided partners with a officially general view on 2 super projects Sunshine Wonder Villas & Sunshine Crystal River.

In addition, in order to encourage sales staff’s motivation and excited state of mind on the race bringing Sunshine Wonder Villas & Sunshine Crystal River to customers’ hand. Event organizer has brought many gameshows, lucky draw with exciting gifts, worth hundred of million dong.

Not only introducing and equipping business professionals all the fascinating information about the two super projects, the ceremony also brings Sunshine spirit to Sales warriors, promoting collective strength, awaking inspiration to make great successes

“We expect these two new projects will become the best-selling products in the near future, and It will be a good start, promising to bring about resounding success in the future for Sunshine Group and for agents like us ”- a representative of a distributor attending the sharing event.

Sunshine Wonder Villas and Sunshine Crystal River are developed by Sunshine Group whose 4 line of main product are very successful currently (Sunshine Apartment, Sunshine Villas, Sunshine Sky Villas, Sunshine Marina. Sunshine Group’s real estate development feature is to thoroughly apply 4.0 technology in project management and operation, while providing residents with a “Sunshine ecosystem” including Education, Trade and Services. – Entertainment … according to international standards.

Futher information about Sunshine Wonder Villas and Sunshine Villa, please access:

Website: http://villas.sunshinegroup.vn/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/villassunshine/

Hotline: 18006735

Email: villas@sunshinemail.vn


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