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Ecological mansion right in the centre of high-class society’s new game

Few would have expected: Forbes’ 2008 World’s World’s Billionaires list after a decade will be led by an individual with a 3-digit assets in billions of dollars. The world’s super rich are getting richer, providing opportunities for luxury brands as well as putting pressure on the development of new and unique products.

The world is being richer and richer

What billionaire Mark Cuban and the Oxfam Alliance of 17 international organizations predict a year ago when the world would have a billionaire that broke the “tens of billions of dollars” of asset limits was no longer a distant thing. If you go to Forbes and check it out right now, you will find Jeff Bezos at the top of the world’s super rich list with 12-digit wealth. In a report, Credit Suisse Group predicted that in the next two generations, the world will have about 11 super billionaires (with the amount of assets surpassing the hundreds of billions of dollars).

Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, which is considered to be the “unicorn nursery” for Silicon Valley’s largest startups, said: “We need to be ready for a world with the appearing of super billionaire in there “.

This fact puts pressure on world-class brands to produce even more premium products so as to satisfy the difference among these super rich people

Because they always have “special order”, high demanding request and they are willing to pay to satisfy personal needs.

The super rich community becomes richer and richer, putting pressure on the market as they have to product more unique products

Even the famous billionaire who is frugal and loves money like the financial king, Warren Buffett, also owns his own private jet, so it is impossible for the world’s super rich to stop or reduce shopping. This is also the pressure for luxury brands in the world. They cannot just sell products once to these people.  On the contrary, these brands must constantly have new products to please the rich, so as not to be forgotten.

You always think that Rolls-Royce cars only have 4 doors, so you do not know about Dawn – a car allows the owner to seat at the back of the car while enjoying unique driving experience with the engine. In super rich world, the owners want to show the wealth when it comes to off-road or roadtrip, so the first SUV of Rolls-Royce, Cullinan was launched. Similarily, Hermes is not only famous for its handbag, the brand also produce helicopters. If you want to, you probably could ride a bike around the lake and go finishing with Chanel products. It might make no sense, but do you know that the trunk of World Cup is from famouse designer brand, Louis Vuitton.

Real estate development potential

However, after the success of Geneva made famous Swiss watch having complicated movement like tourbillon, minute repeater or reappear the sky full of star on watch dial, home is still a final destination. Because of the fact that if you do not own a beaufiful house, where do you park your Cullinan at? You have some watch and the cost of them derveses a tour to headquarter in Switzerland, or even Chairman of 250 year-old watch brand would love to greet you. Nevertheless, your house is not worth the watches (in design and class), where do you place your Buben & Zorweg watch winder? This leads to the revolution of extra-luxury real estate with the definition that no one knows like Branded Residences or Luxury Boutique Residences.

Sunshine Villas – A collection of ecosystem resort mansion of Sunshine Group viewing to expensive golf course.

“Branded Residences” is an idea using the most high-end and famous equipment in the world (having its nametag on its product or not) for elite living space.

The collaboration between Armani and Century Spire in Philippines is a typical example. The brand also corporates with Smart Hero Group to participate in the design of one of the top ten comtemporary buildings in China

Meanwhile, Versace launches the AYKON Nine Elms project in London. If we continue to name cooperation between real estate and other luxury peaks, we will have more Bottega, Fendi or even a car company with millions of dollars Bugatti.

Sunshine Villas: A new luminary of the rich

However, all Branded Residences or Luxury Boutique Residences seem to have cooled down. Urban Retreat Villas with 06 outstanding values, drawn from the essence of real estate projects in the world, is the real and sustainable destination of the rich.

In Vietnam, only Sunshine Group is currently a pioneer in this trend.

According to the representative of the group, these 06 values include: Brand value; Luxury interior; Application of technology platform to create smart villas; Exclusive 07-star service, serving 24/07; Home-stay amenities; Exclusive value (bespoke) with private design interior, perfecting the villa according to the request of the owner.

The application of modern and cutting –edge 4.0 technology to every apartment and luxury interior system from world-leading brand is considered a extra point of Sunshine Villas project making it unique and diffirent.

Being different from others’ ecosystem mansion constructed far from city center, Sunshine Villas is invested in expensive location of city center, convenient for transportation and enjoying services – star-level utilities.

Sunshine Group is willing to spend huge area of commercial land to establish green and fresh ecosystem which is filled with trees for high-class residents.

At Sunshine Villas, the owners will not need much effort, time-consuming to return to nature. Because at that time, nature has poured itself into the fullness of life, so that every day becomes a vacation and peace of mind.

According to a revealing news on the market, Sunshine Group is about to launch a collection of luxury villas, located at expensive locations in Hanoi, shown right by the name of the project: Sunshine Wonder Villas , Sunshine Golf Land Villas, Sunshine Mystery, Sunshine Golf View, Sunshine Diamond In Golf

Sunshine Wonder Villas can be considered as an expensive highlight with a spacious golf view, unique interiors, modern underground transportation systems, royal school utilities for children of the noble class.

Sunshine Villas, a collection of 5 ecosystem resort mansion project in city center developed by Sunshine Group – a pioneer group of applying 4.0 techonology in project management and operation.

For further information about Sunshine Villas, leading in Urban Retreat Villas trend in Vietnam, please access:

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sunshineskyvillas/

Hotline: 18006735


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